US readers who are aware of the recent tour "Colombia’s Untold Story: Voices from the Conflict Zone" may remember that one of the Colombian participants was Carlos Alberto Palacios an activist from Putumayo who brought videos documenting the damage that the spraying is doing to children, animals on land and in the lakes and rivers and to the forests and legal crops in the region.

We have received the very sad news that Carlos’ infant son has recently been diagnosed with brain damage and that doctors in the region where he lives are blaming the US fumigation program for the cause of this. Indeed, doctors all over Putumayo are now reporting increases in cerebral damage among children in areas that have been aerially fumigated.

To send messages of support to Carlos please go via Alison Giffen at the US-Colombia coordinating center at http://www.igc.org/colhrnet/index.htm

Activists in the US have been asked to send a letter to their local Senator.