EU Parliament Label Frankenfood Please Read and Lobby MEPs

EU Commission Orders 12 EU Govts To Pass Biotech Rules
(Dow Jones Business News)
  Apr 10, 2003

EU Legal Advisor OKs Italy's Right To Ban Modified Flour
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Italy gene corn ban may be legal-EU court adviser (Reuters)
  Mar 13, 2003

Genetically modified food issues in Europe   Mar 5, 2003

Gene crops may help endangered birds - birdshit.htm   Jan 15, 2003

EU member states uphold GMO ban   Oct 29, 2002

UK report casts doubt on North American GM crops By Veronica Brown   Sep 17, 2002
LONDON (Reuters)

Monsanto scales down GM food hopes   Aug 18, 2002
FT (Reuters)

Italian court probes 10 seed companies over GMOs By David Brough   Aug 7, 2002

July 3rd EU Parliament Label Frankenfood. URGENT Please Read and Lobby MEPs

Trade war fear as public resists GM food (UK) Paul Brown, (environment correspondent)   May 6, 2002
The Guardian




According to the Daily Mail (Oct 25, 1998) in the U.K., the British government is considering charging Monsanto with violating environmental pollution laws for a Roundup-resistant rapeseed (canola) farm test site in Lincolnshire, where GE rapeseed plants contaminated an adjoining non-GE rapeseed plot.