Monsanto Co. (U. S.)
800 North Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis,  MO  63167
Tel.: 314-694-1000, Fax: 314-694-7625
Public (NYSE: MON) (Business Unit)
Keywords: Agricultural Products, Chemicals, Manufacturing, Marketing, R & D

Shares value August 2001 to July 2002

Spun off from Pharmacia Corp. (U. S.) on 12th August, 2002

Founded: 1901
Cooperation, Licensing and/or Other Agreements with:
-CuraGen Corp. (U. S.)
-Myriad Genetics, Inc. (U. S.), signed in November 1998
ProMetic Life Sciences, Inc. (Canada), signed by Integrated Protein Technologies 
(U. S.), a business unit of Monsanto, in June 2000 (Technology Development Agreement)
Rosetta Inpharmatics Inc. (U. S.), signed in November 2000 (Technology Development Agreement)
Business Units:
Calgene, Inc. (U. S.)
Monsanto acquired the remaining shares (45.4%) of Calgene in April 1997 for $240 million. Monsanto took an initial 49.9 percent stake in Calgene in March 1996, and purchased an additional 6.25 million shares for a 54.6 percent stake in November 1996
Integrated Protein Technologies (U. S.)
Monsanto Japan, Ltd. (Japan)
Miki Sangyo Bldg., 12-23,Kita Horie 3-chome, Nishi-ku Osaka 550
Tel.: 81-6-543-5511, Fax: 81-6-541-1362
Keywords: Agrobiologicals, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Marketing

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Monsanto Holdings
Relationship/Company Reported Type Shares Value / Share

Monsanto Co
historical quotes, profile, other insiders)
17-Oct-00 Common 3,000

Acquired at $20.00/Share


Pharmacia Corp
historical quotes, profile, other insiders)
23-Jun-00 Common 3,000
(of which 2,200 Acquired at $52.81/Share.)
INSP 1-May-00   100,000
Proposed Sale (Form 144) of Restricted Shares.
Estimated proceeds of $7,180,000.
INSP 2-Feb-00   16,800
Sold at $152.19 -- $153.88/Share.
Proceeds of $2,574,156.

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