Wall Street Journal

April 15, 12:38 am Eastern Time

Monsanto Says Crops May Contain Genetically-Modified Canola Seed

Monsanto believes that some of its canola seed might contain genetically modified material that isn't federally approved, Monday's Wall Street Journal reported. Angling to avoid a massive recall of food products, the company is asking regulators to forgive any presence of it.

The St. Louis -based biotechnology company has yet to detect it in the seeds it has tested, but says trace amounts of the material were found last year in Canadian seed, leading it to believe the same is possible in the States. In conceding that for three years U.S. farmers have been planting canola seed that may contain certain genetic material that was never meant to leave the laboratory, Monsanto has become the latest example of the biotechnology industry failing to control plants whose genes it has altered....