USA Consumers feeling the heat
Feb 27th What's going on in Anniston 2003

Wheat groups ask USDA to shun biotech critics
National Association of Wheat Growers delivered a letter to Agriculture Secretary asking the USDA adhere to a strictly scientific review of Monsanto's application for "Roundup Ready" wheat.
  April 25

Greenpeace warns investors Monsanto a risk
..... development of genetically modified crops was destined for disaster.
"Monsanto appears to be digging its own grave with its GE strategy," .......
  Apr 16, 2003
Carey Gillam

Alabama Jury Awards $199,925 to Woman in Solutia PCB Case (Dow Jones Business News)   Mar 20, 2003

US Justice Dept. probing Monsanto antitrust issues (Reuters)
Federal Antitrust Probe Includes Monsanto's Roundup (Dow Jones Business News)
  Mar 14, 2003

Groups petition US for moratorium on biotech wheat (Carey Gillam)   Mar 11, 2003

Medicine crops to stay in Midwest despite concerns (Randy Fabi)   Mar 6, 2003

U.S. to impose strict rules on "bio-pharm" crops (Randy Fabi)   Mar 4, 2003

U.S. wheat industry wrestles with GMO wheat issues (Carey Gillam)   Jan 27, 2003

FDA cannot ensure safety of biotech foods ... Monsanto Co. ...declined to provide requested scientific data to the FDA about strains of genetically engineered insect-resistant corn.
The Center for Science in the Public Interest
  Jan 27, 2003
Randy Fabi

Monsanto not worried about Roundup weed resistance   Jan 14, 2003

World Trade Organization case against the European Union   Jan 3, 2003

USDA probes Nebraska biotech crop contamination   November 17

U.S. high court to hear firms' Agent Orange appeal
  November 4

Slumping Roundup Sales Hurt Monsanto
By Carey Gillam
  October 30

Update on Anniston CleanUp
  October 23

U.S. consumers challenge spread of biotech food
By Carey Gillam
  October 3,

One Cotton-Pickin' Mess
By Brandon Copple
  Sep 26,
Forbes Magazine

Monsanto's GE Corn PR Blitz
George Monbiot
  May 14
The Guardian (UK)

Monsanto Says Crops May Contain Non-approved GM Canola Seed   April 15

Worlds Largest PCB Contamination in Anniston Alabama
Roger Lovejoy
  February 22

Wall Street Analyst Predicts Less Profits for Monsanto   February 1

State Dept Helps Monsanto Cover Up Fallout from Biowarfare in Colombia
Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA)
  January 11

Survey says: Nearly all Americans want labeling
  June 2001
ABC News

Organic Corn & Canola Contaminated by Biotech Crops GM pollution now pervasive
Claire Miller (Environment Reporter)
  April 30, 2001